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Stuart 'Recall' MacKenzie
Rank Fire Fighter
Station Borough Street Fire Station, Blackwall Fire Station
Spouse(s) Laura
Relatives Ben (son)

Jamie (son)

Played by Ben Onwukwe
First appearance Series 4, Episode 5 (1991)
Last appearance Series 14, Episode 1 (2002)

Stuart MacKenzie, nicknamed "Recall", was a Firefighter at Blackwall Fire Station from series four to series fourteen. He ultimately went on to become the third longest-serving character in Blue Watch, surpassed only by George Green and Bert 'Sicknote' Quigley.


Stuart MacKenzie joined the Brigade in 1980, initially serving at Borough Street and was nicknamed 'Recall' due to having a photographic memory. He arrived at Blackwall mid-way through Series 4 as Tony Sanderson's replacement and was already on affectionate terms with some of the more longer-serving members of Blue Watch. Upon his arrival, he won a bet with Colin by memorising one whole page of Kate's book. He was unbeatable at Trivial Pursuit, because he could remember the answers to every question. After Malcolm‘s departure, he acted up as Leading Firefighter for the rest of Series 5. He was seriously injured at the 20 pump blaze which closed series 4, and in the burning building in which John Hallam was killed in series 9, but had narrow escapes on both occasions.

He was married to Laura and had two sons, Ben and Jamie. Ben was wayward and once went missing for several days. Jamie suffered from cystic fibrosis and his condition meant that he required constant care and an organ transplant. Members of the watch held a fundraiser in order to send the family to Disneyland. Laura later left Recall and returned to Scotland, taking Ben and Jamie with her. They were reunited at the opening night of Bayleaf's restaurant, but Laura told him the marriage was over unless he moved to Scotland with them. For a long time Recall refused to accept that his marriage was over.

Recall risked losing his job after refusing to shave off his beard so that the new BA masks could fit, so the watch pinned him down and shaved it off for him. Later, he failed to check all the rooms at a hotel shout, resulting in a young boy dying, and was accused of assaulting a man at the scene who accused him of murder. Recall was called before a disciplinary panel and dismissed, and had to take a job in a DIY store. He was reinstated when a witness came forward to corroborate his story. Recall became a drinking buddy of Jack Morgan. Jack enjoyed giving blunt advice about Recall's chances of saving his marriage, and also goaded Recall about pulling barmaid Nicky Parrish, whom Recall also fancied, so Recall challenged him to a fight in the yard, and got the worst of it. He stood for election as Blackwall's union representative, principally to stop Pitbull getting the job, and won by a single vote.

Eventually Recall realised that Laura would not be coming back, so he decided to join a dating agency. He had a relationship with Vicky, a policewoman, which ended when he almost blew an undercover operation she was on. For a time Chris Hammond's daughter Lisa was infatuated with Recall and Chris accused him of rape after getting the wrong impression. His son Ben returned to London and joined the Brigade over Recall's protests. Recall then met Elaine and they made plans to marry, despite the shock of finding out that she was Adam Benjamin's mother. However, Recall collapsed and died of a heart attack at a shout the day before the wedding.


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Recall appeared in 138 episodes of London's Burning between 1991 and 2002


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