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Shadbrook Fire Station
Name Shadbrook Fire Station
Brigade London Fire Brigade
Area South East
Features 1 x Pump (Series 5)

1 x Pump Ladder (Series 5-14) 1 x FIU (Series 6) 1 x TL (Series 2, 11-13)

Real station New Cross

Shadbrook Fire Station is a fictional fire station in the London Fire Brigade's South East Area. As a neighbour of Blackwall, Shadbrook's crews were often seen at large shouts attended by Blue Watch. In Series 5, Blackwall and Shadbrook fire stations were threatened with amalgamation; both stations survived, but by Series 6 Shadbrook had only one appliance, but was also the home of a Fire Investigation Unit headed by Station Officer Peter Jonah (to which Sub Officer John Hallam was temporarily seconded). It is mentioned that Billy Ray was also stationed there before transferring to Blackwall. By Series 12, Hi-Ho and Carmen Miller were both stationed at Shadbrook. Nick Georgiadis was once seen at Shadbrook when they were called to assist Blackwall with an RTA.

The Shadbrook station seen in London's Burning was portrayed by the real-life New Cross Fire Station.