Sean Bateman

Rank Watch Commander
Station Blackwall
Spouse(s) None
Relatives Unknown
Played by Dominic Taylor
First appearance Series 13, Episode 1 (2001)
Last appearance Series 13, Episode 9 (2001)

Sean Bateman was Watch Commander of Red Watch at Blackwall during series 13. He befriended firefighter Sally 'Gracie' Fields when she was still grieving for Joe Walker. After a night at the Oliver Twist he talked his way into Sally's flat and forced himself on her. She accused him of rape but Bateman insisted it was consensual. The case was dropped by the police due to lack of evidence. He later confronted Sally in the locker room, threatening her and accusing of her ruining his career. They were overheard by Coleman and Pitbull, who dragged Bateman away. Bateman was subsequently arrested and charged.

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