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Peter Jonah
Rank Station Officer
Station Shadbrook (Fire Investigation Unit)
Spouse(s) Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Played by Shaun Curry
First appearance Series 6, Episode 1 (1993)
Last appearance Series 7, Episode 1 (1994)

Peter Jonah nicknamed "the whale", was a Station Officer in the Fire Investigation Unit based at Shadbrook.


Peter Jonah worked alongside John Hallam when Hallam temporarily joined the Fire Investigation Unit. An eccentric character who would quote obscure authors, cheerfully admitted his nickname and insisted on being addressed by his first name, he was nevertheless effective at his job. The FIU was called to investigate a fire in an Asian family's flat. The circumstantial evidence pointed to arson and Hallam jumped to that conclusion, but Jonah's maxim ("admit nothing... presume nothing") proved correct and it turned out to be accidental.

Jonah retired from the London Fire Brigade and took a job working for a civilian firm in an office. He nominated Hallam to be his assistant, but Hallam turned the job down, to the fury of Sandra.


Your desk. My desk.


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