Patti Pearce
Occupation -
Spouse(s) Geoff Pearce
Relatives -
Played by Yvonne O'Grady
First appearance Series 6, Episode 4 (1993)
Last appearance Series 8, Episode 15 (1995)

Patti Pearce was the wife of Firefighter Geoff 'Poison' Pearce, who appeared in London's Burning from series 6 through series 8.


Patti was the wife of Geoff Pearce and like her husband, she enjoyed stirring up trouble by spreading rumours and gossip. Patti immediately tried to ingratiate herself with the other wives. She invited herself to the Hallams' house for tea, although Sandra quickly decided the Pearces were oddballs and troublemakers, and nicknamed her "Patti the Piranha". She visited Jean Quigley after learning about Sicknote's affair with Cynthia, which backfired when Jean did not appreciate Patti interfering in their business, nor her hints about Sicknote having affairs with other women.

Patti turned up at Laura MacKenzie's house to offer support when Ben went missing but only succeeded in upsetting Laura even more by mentioning railway tracks and canals. Patti took a keen interest when John Hallam was offered a civilian job in an office, sensing an opportunity for Geoff to gain promotion, and was the first to tell Sandra that John had turned down the offer. At Patti's insistence, she and Geoff also went to Kevin's houseboat warming party, uninvited.

It emerged that the Pearces left Bristol because Patti had made a pass at a senior officer. She unsuccessfully tried to seduce John Hallam and kept calling him at home. Sandra found out and angrily warned Patti to stay away. Geoff and Patti split up when she had an affair with another man, and the watch speculated that he had murdered her. They were briefly reconciled, though Geoff threw her out for good when he caught her visiting another man at a hotel.


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Patti Pearce appeared in 18 episodes of London's Burning between 1993 and 1995.