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Micky Medhurst
Occupation Criminal
Spouse(s) None
Relatives Jim (father)
Dulcie (mother)
Kevin (brother)
Venetia (sister)
Played by Demetri Jagger
First appearance Series 2, Episode 1 (1989)
Last appearance Series 8, Episode 15 (1995)

Micky Medhurst was the younger brother of firefighter Kevin Medhurst.

Micky and his friends continually made hoax calls to the Fire Brigade at their school. Kevin suspected Micky to be responsible and confronted him about it. Micky threatened to give him a real fire, which earned him a punch from Kevin. Micky and his friends eventually started a fire in a portacabin at the school. They tried to flee the scene but George managed to grab Micky while the others got away. Micky was sentenced to 5 years in a young offenders institute. Kevin visited Micky at the institute, but Micky made it clear he blamed Kevin for his imprisonment.

Micky was not heard from again until series 8. After his release, Micky stole a car in Birmingham and made his way to Blackwall, dumping the car near Kevin's house boat. He found Kevin and asked him for money and somewhere to stay. Kevin reluctantly allowed him to stay for a few nights and soon realised that Micky was taking drugs.

Desperate for money, Micky ransacked Kevin's house boat, then headed to Blackwall wearing Kevin's jacket. When he arrived Blue Watch were away on a shout. While looking around for Kevin he bumped into Maggie and tried to steal her handbag. During the struggle Maggie was knocked unconscious and Micky made off with her bag, which also contained her wedding ring.

Kevin later found Maggie's ring on Micky and realised he was the culprit, so he beat Micky and threw him out. Kevin confided in Remy but was reluctant to report Micky to the police, though he did discreetly return Maggie's ring to her locker. Micky continued to phone the station wanting to speak to Kevin. Geoff overheard the conversation and become suspicious, and informed Hallam.

Micky once more returned to Kevin's house boat, and found Remy alone in bed. He tried to assault her, however Remy immobilised him with a low blow and called the police. Micky was arrested and taken to the police station. While being led to the cells, he came face to face with Kevin and taunted him that "they always leave you", provoking an enraged Kevin to lunge at him. Kevin finally admitted to Maggie that Micky was her attacker, but when the police later came to Blackwall with a photo of Micky, Maggie refused to identify him, not wanting to cause Kevin any more trouble.


Micky appeared in 9 episodes of London's Burning between 1989 and 1995.