Martin Webb

Occupation Unemployed
Firefighter (retired)
Spouse(s) Carole Webb (divorced)
Relatives Unknown
Played by Ian Burfield (series 9)
Peter McNamara (series 10)
First appearance Series 9, Episode 8 (1996)
Last appearance Series 10, Episode 2 (1997)

Martin Webb was the husband of Sub Officer Carole Webb. He had been a fireman, but was forced to retire from the Brigade after being run over by a car while he was drunk. He became a bad tempered and bitter alcoholic who envied Carole's success in the job. He told members of Blue Watch that he had been injured on a shout, until Carole was forced to tell them the truth.

In series 10 someone stole Carole's car and hit a cyclist, then fled the scene. She realised that it was Martin who was responsible and refused to lie to the police for him. After a row outside the pub in which he pushed her over, Martin walked out on Carole and went to Canada. She returned home to find the flat trashed and filed for divorce.

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