Marion Cartwright (III)
Occupation -
Spouse(s) Roland 'Vaseline' Cartwright
Relatives Damien (son)
Played by Helen Blizard
First appearance Pilot Movie (1986)
Last appearance Series 5, episode 9 (1991)

Marion Cartwright (III) was the third wife of Firefighter Roland 'Vaseline' Cartwright, and also the third named Marion.


Marion married Vaseline in the Pilot movie and was the most often seen of his spouses. They argued frequently, usually over his regular absences working or moonlighting and her (usually justified) suspicions about his liasons with other women. When he was hospitalized with burns to his feet, she attacked the nurse giving him a bed bath. In series 2, she gave birth to his son, Damien. When Vaseline's ex-wife Marion turned up, she befriended her and allowed her to stay, to Vaseline's disbelief, and they had fun ganging up on him, once forcing him to babysit his son while they went out clubbing.

After Vaseline's death on a shout, Marion began a relationship with fireman Gary 'Technique' Pagnall. Kevin Medhurst revealed his own feelings for her, but she chose to stay with Pagnall. Marion eventually realised that Pagnall was a sponger and kicked him out. She tried to patch things up with Kevin but, still smarting from the earlier rejection, he publicly spurned her. Distraught, she went home and took an overdose. She survived and she and Kevin made up. However, after a row about Kevin going on a Brigade training course, Marion decided she had had enough of firemen, and ended the relationship.


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Marion made 26 appearances in London's Burning between 1986 and 1992:

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