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Marion Cartwright (I)
Occupation Customs clerk
Spouse(s) Roland Cartwright (divorced)
Relatives -
Played by Jenny Bolt
First appearance Series 2, episode 3 (1989)
Last appearance Series 2, episode 8 (1989)

Marion Cartwright (I) was the first wife of firefighter Roland 'Vaseline' Cartwright. She appeared during series 2.


Marion was the first of serial womanizer Vaseline's three wives, all of whom were named Marion. They had divorced some time before 1986, as by the time of the pilot movie he had re-married twice. Since then she had worked in Kingston-upon-Hull as a Customs & Excise clerk, but had recently been laid off. She arrived in Blackwall during series 2 looking for Vaseline, claiming he owed her £500. She turned up at his house and met Marion the third; they shared tales of his lies and cheating, and Marion invited her to stay. When Vaseline returned home he was horrified to find his ex-wife there.

Over the next few weeks the two Marions continually ganged up on him. Marion 1 claimed that while they had been married he had once disappeared for three weeks and that he never sent her any money, contrary to what he had told Marion 3. Marion 1 also blackmailed him into sleeping with her. One night the two Marions went to a disco together, leaving him to babysit his son. To his surprise he actually enjoyed it and when Sicknote was handing out tickets for his performance of the The Student Prince, Vaseline sent both Marions while he babysat again. At Vaseline's funeral both Marions were inconsolable. Josie then told the watch that Marion 1 was pregnant. It was later revealed that she wasn't, however, and by the start of series 3 she had returned to Hull.