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Maggie Warboice
Occupation Cook
Spouse(s) Albie
Relatives unknown
Played by Shirley Greenwood
First appearance Series 1, Episode 2 (1988)
Last appearance Series 13, Episode 16 (2001)

Maggie Warboice was a cook at Blackwall Fire Station from series 1 to series 13.


Kindly Maggie was Blackwall's station cook and a maternal figure for Blue Watch. She was married to Albert ("Albie"), who was seen only once, and had grown up children, including a daughter who worked for an airline. She was also well traveled and had visited most parts of the world, from Russia to Thailand to Tibet. Albie went on holiday to Thailand and did not return. Maggie went to look for him but instead came back with a local man, Lo Ming.

Maggie occasionally made reference to her past performing career. Charisma talked her into being his assistant during his magic act for Jaffa Parrish's gran, which ended with her falling face first into the birthday cake. Sicknote persuaded her to appear in PMTS' production of Richard III and she and Sicknote also performed a duet of "I Remember it Well" at the Ship Aground talent contest.

Maggie was houseproud and did not take kindly to comments about her kitchen's cleanliness. Sicknote temporarily replaced Bayleaf as mess manager and within a day she had resigned, having soon reached the end of her tether with his fussy, hypochondriac ways. She also resigned when ADO Davis' health and safety report criticized her kitchen's hygiene. In series 13 she got into a feud with Elaine Reeve after an outbreak of food poisoning at Blackwall, particularly when it emerged that Elaine's pub was the source.

During series 8, Kevin Medhurst's criminal brother Micky wandered into the station while they were all on a shout. He spotted Maggie with her handbag and grabbed it from her. In the struggle, she was knocked unconscious. In response, Maggie took self defence classes, where she got friendly with Derek, and demonstrated her new skills by immobilising Billy. Kevin eventually came clean about who was responsible, but Maggie said she considered it a positive as it meant she met Derek. To protect Kevin, she subsequently refused to identify Micky as her attacker.


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Maggie appeared in 130 episodes of London's Burning between 1988 and 2001.