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Liver Salts
Rank Fireman
Station Blackwall Fire Station
Spouse(s) Donna (common law)
Relatives N/A
Played by Ross Kemp
First appearance Series 1, Episode 3 (1988)
Last appearance Series 1, Episode 3 (1988)

David Andrews, known as "Liver Salts", was a fireman who was a member of Blue Watch. He left before the 1986 pilot film after accepting a promotion at Kilburn and Firewoman Josie Ingham was his replacement. Liver Salts had been in a relationship with Donna, known as the Martini Girl (anytime, anyplace, anywhere), but he had to take her to court to get rid of her, and as she was considered his common law wife, she was awarded half of everything (which wasn't much). The strain took its toll on his health and he moved away from Blackwall.

Liver Salts later paid a visit to Blackwall, where he reunited with Malcolm, Bayleaf, Sicknote and George (although George had joined Blue Watch between the end of the pilot and the start of the first series which was after Liver Salts had left, so how they knew each other is unknown) and was introduced to Josie, Tony and Kevin. He found out that Donna was now living with Charisma. They almost had a fight after Liver Salts warned Charisma that Donna was telling him the same lies she had previously told him and would make a fool of him. The stand off ended when the bells went down and a still angry Charisma was injured in an explosion at the shout.

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