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The following is a list of fire stations which were seen in London's Burning. Most were in London and neighbours of Blackwall.

Station Area Known personnel Real station
Blackwall South East, LFB Bayleaf, Sicknote, George Dockhead/Leyton
Borough Street South East, LFB Scouser, Maddox, Clingfilm Old Kent Road
Charlton South East, LFB Josie Ingham, Dave Grant Dowgate
Darenth Kent None Rusthall
Lambeth Brigade HQ None Lambeth
Shadbrook South East, LFB Hi Ho, Carmen Miller New Cross/Peckham (interior series 13)
Rotherhithe South East, LFB Sally Reid Peckham
Upham LFB Dalton Tilbury
Stratford North East, LFB None East Greenwich
Lewisham South East, LFB Bulstrode Lewisham
Thames Reach unspecified, LFB Skippy Wennington
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