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The following is a list of fire appliances which were seen in London's Burning from the regular pumps to the more specialist vehicles.

Pumps/Pump Ladders/Hydraulic Platforms/Boats and more...[]

Image Name Notes
Shelvoke.png 1979/1980 Shelvoke & Drewry WX/CFE

Seen in the Movie and Series 1-2, 4 & 6

Blackwall's Pump and Pump Ladder in the movie & Series 1-2 was a Shelvoke & Drewy Pump Escape & a Shelvoke & Drewry Pump Ladder (at the time of filming the escape ladder had been decommissioned) The London Fire Brigade often lent LWT Shelvoke & Drewry pumps for larger shouts. The last time the Shelvoke & Drewry pumps were seen was a debriefing in series 6.

Dennis F131.png 1977 Dennis F131 Pump Escape

Seen in the Christmas Special Ding Dong Merrily

This was a rundown stand-in Pump at Blackwall whilst their Shelvoke's gearbox was being repaired. It was involved in a crash in which rolled it over

Vlcsnap-2013-04-29-23h21m09s218.png 1981 Dodge 100 CFE Pump

Seen in Series 1 - 7

LWT had this pump on loan from Series 1 - 6. It was used at larger shouts and additional pumping power. At shouts this pump was portrayed as being from different stations. This was the temporary pump that Bayleaf crashed in Series 6 while their Dennis was being decorated with LFB striping.

Vlcsnap-2013-04-29-23h35m19s25.png Dennis RS/JDC

Seen in Series 3

Lewisham's Pump seen at a train derailment. This pump was on loan from Merseyside Fire Brigade.

Vlcsnap-2013-04-30-21h40m25s64.png 1980 Dennis RS133

Seen in Series 4

Kent Fire Brigade Pump seen in series 4 when Blackwall's Pump was on standby.

Vlcsnap-2013-05-04-22h04m38s114.png Volvo FL6/HCB Angus

Seen in Series 5

This pump was used by Shadbrook, Borough St and Charlton fire stations in series 5. It was on loan from East Sussex

Series 3-5Series 7-9Series 6-7 1983 Dennis RS 133 (Top: Series 3-5

Middle: Series 7-11

Bottom: Series 6-9)

Seen in Series 3 to Series 11

LWT bought four of these appliances in total. Two of them were purchased from the South Yorkshire Fire Brigade for Series 3. They were refitted to look like London Fire Brigade appliances and used as Blackwall's Pump and Pump ladder until the start of series 10

In Series 6 LWT decorated the pumps with the traditional striping which most LFB appliances had started to adopt. To fit it into the series they replaced one with a temporary Dodge appliance which was crashed before it was returned. In Series 7 LWT replaced the two tones with electronic sirens which were being adopted into the LFB at the time.

Also in Series 7 LWT bought another identical pump from the South Yorkshire Fire Brigade to blow up in an episode. This was not actually Blackwall's main pump, the registration plate was just taken off the main pump and put onto this dummy appliance. In the end both appliances were replaced with a slightly different lower grille, and strobe lights. In Series 8 the previous Dennis appliance was used as Charltons appliance & in series 10 both Dennis appliances which were replaced have been located to Shadbrook & Upham stations

Dennis SS 131|Modified Dennis SS 131 1984 Dennis SS 131

Seen in Series 1-2, 7-9

In Series 1-2 they featured short clips of Dockhead's actual appliances turning out of the station. It is unknown why they did this. From Series 7-9, 2 of these appliances were used as Borough Street & Charltons main Pumps. One of these pumps was modified to feature the LFB Striping & the word FIRE where the Dennis logo was

6870936937 788feaa631 z.jpgE442 S10-12.jpg 1990/1996 Volvo FL6 Saxon Sanbec

Seen in Series 10 to Series 13

For series 10, it was decided to give London's Burning a more modern look, and thus the old London lookalike pumps were replaced by an ex Hampshire appliance (H373BTP/P859YEP) that was partially rebodied and made alongside the 1996 batch of actual LFB Volvos in which 1 was also bought by LWT (P771NLF). The Volvo/Saxon combination could be seen at most London fire stations. The pump was later seen with Shadbrook in series 13.

Volvo FL6.pngSeries 14 upgrade E441E442 S14 1990/1996 Re-bodied Volvo FL6 Saxon Sanbec

Seen in Series 13 and Series 14

The one Volvo seen from Series 10-12 (H373BTP/P859YEP) was re-bodied again by Saxon for series 13 to make it look like an FL220. In series 14 they cosmetically upgraded it again which includes a silver trim around the grille, an alpha siren and a new number plate LL51ZNU. Saxon also rebuilt the second Volvo (P771NLF/LF51WXX) to appear as Blackwall's pump in series 14; the noticable difference between the two is the Volvo logo where the blue light should be on the pump.

Other Appliances[]

Image Name Note
Den ert.png Dennis F108 Emergency Tender (E.T.)

Seen in Series 1-2

On loan from the LFB this tender was seen at a chemical incident and a ladder fall.

Vlcsnap-2013-04-30-00h06m31s32.png 1984 Range Rover Forward Command Unit 

Seen in Series 3

This was the LFB's forward command unit. In series 3 it was used as the Brigade's high line rescue unit.


Volvo FL6.14 Carmichael Fire Rescue Unit (F.R.U)

Seen in Series 4 and Series 5

Lewisham's Fire Rescue Unit seen at an underground accident, a fairground accident and at a shout to find a missing child. A similar appliance was seen as Charlton's FRU in the last two episodes of series 4.

Vlcsnap-2013-04-30-22h16m51s145.png Volvo FL10 8x4/Angloco33-2TI Bronto Skylift Aerial Ladder Platform (ALP)

Seen in Series 4 and 5 Bromley's ALP was seen at a plane crash, hotel fire, fairground accident, and at a shout to find a missing chid.

AEC/Merryweather Turntable Ladder (TL)

Seen in Series 2, 4 & 5

This TL was used at Vaseline’s funeral & later in series 4 episodes 9 and 10. It was also seen in series 5 at a 'jumper' incident. 

Control unit.png

1977 Ford/Willowbrook/Anglo Control Unit (CU)

Seen in Series 4, 7 and Series 9

A vehicle where senior officers at the scene can control and observe an incident. It appeared at major shouts, like the 20 pump warehouse fire in series 4, and the gas bottle depot explosion in series 7.

Volvo FL6 Saxon Sanbec Mobile Command Unit

Seen in Series 7 to Series 14

A vehicle where senior officers at the scene can control and observe an incident. It appeared at major shouts, like the fireworks factory fire in series 12.

FIU.png Fire Investigation Unit Van

Seen in Series 6 to Series 8

Seen at shouts where arson was suspected and when John Hallam was seconded to the unit in series 6

Fireboat.png Fireboat ("London Phoenix")

Seen in Series 2 and Series 7

Seen when John Hallam trained with the unit during series 7

Fire Helicopter.png BK117 (G-HMBB) Fire Helicopter

Seen in Series 8

Trialled by Blackwall during series 8. The helicopter seen was actually used by the Mid and West Wales, West Sussex and Strathclyde Fire Brigades.

Hydraulic platform.png Hydraulic Platform

Seen in Series 3, 8 to Series 11

A vehicle equipped with a powerful hydraulic arm and cradle for use at high rise incidents. A HP was stationed at Borough Street in Series 8 and 9 and was often crewed by Clingfilm.

Volvo FL10.png 1991 Volvo FL10 Saxon ST300S ALP

Seen in Series 13

Similar to a HP, the ALP is equipped with a long hydraulic ladder attached to a platform for incidents out of the reach of regular ladders. This ALP was stationed at Blackwall during after the station was downgraded to one pump. The ALP was on loan from the West Midlands Fire Service (based at Ladywood Fire Station reg J43SOF).

Maestro.png Austin Maestro

Seen In Series 1 to Series 4

The ADO's Brigade car used by Sidney Tate and Scase to travel to shouts.

Vlcsnap-2013-04-30-21h35m29s236.png Vauxhall Cavalier

Seen In Series 4

The DO's Brigade car used by the DO to travel to shouts.

Mercedes.png Mercedes Benz A-Class

Seen In Series 13

The ADO's Brigade car used by John Coleman to travel to shouts. No such vehicle existed in the London Fire Brigade; this was specially designed for the series.

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