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Lisa Hammond
Occupation None
Spouse(s) None
Relatives Chris Hammond (father)
Played by Melanie Barker
First appearance Series 11, episode 3 (1998)
Last appearance Series 11, episode 15 (1999)

Lisa Hammond was the daughter of Blackwall Station Officer Chris Hammond.


Chris had not seen his daughter for 11 years and did not even recognise her when she turned up out of the blue. He had previously told the watch that he had no family. Lisa embarrassed her dad by making hoax calls to Blackwall and stealing. She also developed a crush on Stuart 'Recall' MacKenzie and kept going round to see him. Recall gently rejected her advances and she returned home upset. Chris got the wrong impression and accused Recall of rape. Lisa then told Chris that she was going back to live with her mother.


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Lisa appeared in 11 episodes of London's Burning between 1998 and 1999: