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Kate Stevens
Rank Firefighter
Station Blackwall Fire Station
Spouse(s) -
Relatives -
Played by Samantha Beckinsale
First appearance Series 3, Episode 6 (1990)
Last appearance Series 5, Episode 10 (1992)

Kate Stevens was a Firefighter at Blackwall Fire Station. She joined the watch during series 3 and left at the end of series 5.


Kate joined Blue Watch as a probationary officer and was Josie Ingham's replacement. Unlike her fellow probationer Colin Parrish she fitted in at Blackwall quickly and distinguished herself on her first shout with Sidney Tate when she rescued a baby from a burning car. Colin took a fancy to her and arrived at her house one night, but Kate and her flatmates Sue and Mary scared him off by offering him massages. Kate later did Colin a favour by convincing Zoe to make up with him and come to his party. As George's wedding to Kelly approached, Blue Watch worried about whether Kate, as a woman, could attend Colin's stag party. Eventually they decided to make her an honorary man for the night.

Kate passed her probationary exams and became a full member of the Brigade. At the 20 pump warehouse shout Kate was trapped in a basement with Georgiadis and Recall, but survived unscathed. At another shout searching for a missing girl, Kate, as the slimmest member of Blue Watch, was called upon to crawl through the air ducts to look for her. She eventually located the girl, who was pulled free. When the crew were called to help a woman who said she was locked out of her house, Kate alone was suspicious and voiced her doubts, though the male watch members were all charmed by the woman and helped her break in. Kate was subsequently vindicated when at the end of the shift the woman's furious ex-husband arrived at the station, saying she and her boyfriend had taken all his furniture.

Kate had a less settled personal life. In Nottingham she had had an affair with a married man, Martin, but she ended it. To her dismay, he followed her to London and turned up at her house. She rejected him again, so he began an affair with her flatmate instead. While the watch were on standby in Kent, she met a retained fireman named Jeff and they began seeing each other. She quickly grew weary of Jeff, however, as his main interests were rockclimbing and hiking, so she ended the relationship.

At a party Kate was chatted up by a policeman named Don, and they had a one night stand. Kate discovered she was pregnant and considered having an abortion, but she miscarried. Her worries began to interfere with her work, and during a shout she absent-mindedly turned off the sprinkler system at a warehouse fire while Kevin and Malcolm were inside. At the end of series 5 Kate transferred to Wimbledon, near to where Don was stationed.


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Kate appeared in 23 episodes of London's Burning between 1990 and 1992

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