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John Coleman
Rank Station Officer


Station Blackwall Fire Station
Spouse(s) Patricia (deceased)
Relatives -
Played by Edward Peel
First appearance Series 12, Episode 9 (2000)
Last appearance Series 13, Episode 16 (2001)

John Coleman was Station Officer and later ADO at Blackwall during series 12 and series 13.


John Coleman was a stickler for the rules and an old fashioned officer in the mould of Sidney Tate. He drove an ancient Morris Traveller and was five years from retirement. His previous stations included Clapham and King's Cross and he had won commendations for bravery. His name made him the butt of mustard jokes and nicknames, as he noted himself. Coleman had been married, but twenty years earlier his wife was killed in a car crash when he fell asleep at the wheel. He was appointed Station Officer at Blackwall after Chris Hammond's abrupt departure.

Things got off to a bad start on his first day when he caught Joe Walker with a mobile phone and looked on as the watch then botched the training drill he had set for them. Coleman suspected that he had been stationed at Blackwall because DO Griggs thought he would be a soft touch who wouldn't resist his attempts to undermine the station, and Blue Watch in particular. He assured a surprised Griggs that he was not intimidated by him and would defend the watch. He also put Geoff Pearce in his place after he overheard Pearce gossiping about him.

Coleman had not been with a woman since the death of his wife. Station cook Maggie took a shine to him and he also grew close to local councillor Alison Hemmings. He ran out on Alison when they were out bowling, as it brought back memories of his wife. She tracked him down and he told her the truth. He was open minded when Hyper came out as gay and supported him in the wake of the negative reaction from some watch members. During a shout at a foreign embassy, Coleman's diplomatic skills were put to the test when the embassy's staff wouldn't let them enter the building. After some difficulty he eventually persuaded the embassy staff to let them put out the fire.

In series 13 Coleman was fully promoted to Station Commander (ADO) at Blackwall. When Derek was in hospital Coleman took Maggie to visit him, and they got stuck in a lift. The building then caught fire and was evacuated while they were still trapped. He and Maggie climbed out of the lift but while trying to find a way out, he was knocked unconscious when part of the ceiling collapsed on him. Blue Watch's crew pulled him out, injured, but still able to walk. He was last seen with the other Watch members, appearing at Adam pulling Recall back into the hospital building. It is unknown what happened to him after series 13, as he did not return for series 14, but it is presumed he took early retirement due to injuries sustained in the collapse.


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Coleman made 24 appearances in London's Burning.


"I'm the new Station Officer, John Coleman. I've heard enough mustard jokes to last me a lifetime."
— John Coleman introduces himself to Blue Watch
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