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Jim Medhurst
Occupation Thief
Spouse(s) Dulcie
Relatives Kevin (son)
Venetia (daughter)
Micky (son)
Played by Doug Fisher
First appearance Ding Dong Merrily (1988)
Last appearance Series 6, Episode 9 (1993)

Jim Medhurst was the father of firefighter Kevin Medhurst and his siblings Venetia and Micky, and husband of Dulcie. Jim was a career thief who spent much of his life in prison and continually caused Kevin problems.

Over Christmas Jim broke out of prison and turned up at Blackwall looking for Kevin. Bayleaf mistook him for a 'Dosser looking for a handout', but Kevin confided that he was his father. They set Jim up in the basement gear room, where Kevin told Jim it was a stupid idea to escape. However, Tate and Hallam discovered Jim and Kevin was summoned to Tate's office. Before he was forced to explain, they were called to a shout. While Kevin was away, Jim decided to turn himself in. When Tate later demanded an explanation as to why his father was in the gear room, Kevin quipped that he was probably just looking for the toilet.

In Series 3, Jim was released from prison, but Dulcie refused to let him stay, knowing that he would only turn back to his old ways again. Kevin persuaded Marion to let him stay with her, but before long, Jim stole her gas and electric money. Kevin promised Marion he would replace the money and asked her not to call the police. Jim was later seen hanging around with tramps, and was arrested for apparently kicking in a shop doorway. Kevin visited Jim in jail and said he wanted nothing more to do with him.

Jim was once more released from prison in series 6. Kevin initially wasn't pleased to see him, but Jim revealed that he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Meanwhile, Kevin won a greyhound (which he named Blue Watch) in a game of cards, and allowed Jim to walk the dog. Blue Watch enjoyed a series of wins at the races. Soon after, unscrupulous businessman Charlie Ross coerced Jim into over-feeding the dog in order to slow it down and allow Charlie's dog to win the next race. Jim initially refused, but Charlie offered him £5,000, which sufficiently tempted Jim.

Blue Watch went on to lose its next race, much to the chagrin of watch members who had bet on him. While visiting the dog at the kennel, the kennel boy told Kevin that Jim had been friendly with Charlie Ross, and Kevin became convinced that Jim had helped fixed the race. Before Kevin could confront Jim about it, his mother informed him that Jim had collapsed in the street. He subsequently died at the hospital before Kevin could get there. Kevin later went to Jim's bedsit to take away his belongings, and the landlady handed him a box, which she assumed Jim had meant to post. Kevin opened the box and found it stuffed with money and a note from Jim. It was all the money he had won betting against Blue Watch, which caused Kevin to break down and cry.