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Jack Morgan
Rank Fire Fighter
Station Blackwall Fire Station
Spouse(s) Linda (divorced)
Relatives Stephen (son)
Played by Clive Wood
First appearance Series 9, Episode 1 (1996)
Last appearance Series 11, Episode 16 (1999)

Jack Morgan was a Firefighter at Blackwall Fire Station from series 9 to series 11.


Jack Morgan was Bayleaf's replacement at Blackwall. He had previously served at Acton and prior to that had been in the Royal Navy. Taciturn and somewhat mysterious, rumours abounded about him. It eventually came out that there was a tragedy in his past; during a shout at White City, he and a colleague were ordered back into a burning building by a Station Officer, despite being low on oxygen. When they tried to leave the building, they found a fire exit padlocked shut. Jack fell unconscious and his friend died. Jack testified against the Station Officer, who was dismissed from the Brigade and later committed suicide. Jack was nicknamed "Jonah" by the likes of Pitbull and Charlton Station Officer Grant. However, Pitbull wound Jack up once too often, so Jack invited him into a storeroom and punched him. During a stand-off with Grant, Jack was warned by Nick Georgiadis about showing respect to his superiors.

His past made him especially sensitive to danger, and he was willing to defy orders in order to save a colleague. At a shout in which Recall was injured, Jack abandoned his duties as BA controller and rushed into the building, which earned him Nick’s wrath. After John Hallam's death at that same shout, Jack wondered if he was being followed by bad luck and offered his sympathy to Geoff Pearce who had been with Hallam and unable to save him.

Jack had been married to Linda, but it ended in divorce and she had since re-married. Their son, Stephen, now lived with Linda and her new husband, Ian. Jack resented the reduced influence he had on Stephen's life; he was particularly annoyed when Linda and Ian didn't even inform him when they sent Stephen to a boarding school. One day Stephen ran away from school and came to Blackwall. Jack was popular with women and had a few liaisons, including with Jaffa Parrish's niece Nicky, leading to a feud with Jaffa, and Hilary, the mother of one of Stephen's friends. He and Sub Officer Carole Webb were attracted to each other, though nothing came of it.

Jack and Linda briefly rekindled their relationship and he had hopes of them getting back together. Jack subsequently learned that Ian had accepted a new job in America, and taken Linda and Stephen with him. The stress of losing Stephen began to get to him. During a shout he suffered a mental breakdown while on the ALP, having visions of his son and getting too close to the flames. Once he was brought down he began insulting other members of the crew, including Hammond. He then mistook Joe Walker for Stephen. Hammond ordered him to undergo counselling. Jack left Blackwall at the end of series 11 to follow Linda and Stephen to America.


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Jack appeared in 49 episodes of London's Burning between 1996 and 1999

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