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Gary 'Technique' Pagnall
Rank Fireman
Station Blackwall Fire Station
Spouse(s) -
Relatives -
Played by Craig Fairbrass
First appearance Series 3, Episode 1 (1990)
Last appearance Series 4, Episode 6 (1991)

Gary 'Technique' Pagnall was a Fireman at Blackwall Fire Station who appeared in series 3 and series 4.


Gary 'Technique' Pagnall was a member of White Watch at Blackwall. He was first seen when Blue Watch hired him as a stripper for Josie's farewall party. Technique was perennially on sick leave from the Brigade, but this was a scam so he could pursue other work, such as modelling, bodybuilding, plumbing, window cleaning, and painting and decorating.

Technique's poor fitness record - which included long lay-offs for a bad back, a frozen shoulder, blurred vision and a strangulated colon - aroused the suspicion of his superiors, who put him under surveillance. Once enough evidence had been gathered he was called to an interview at Brigade HQ and forced to resign from the Brigade for moonlighting.

Technique was also a love interest of Marion Cartwright. He continually borrowed money from her, then left her for a female bodybuilder. He later returned asking for forgiveness and initially she accepted him back, before she finally realised he was a sponger and a rat, and threw him out. In another scam, he sold his window cleaning round several times over, including to Jaffa and Colin. However, Jaffa caught up with him and confiscated his van by way of compensation.


Gary Pagnall appeared in episodes of London's Burning between 1990 and 1991.