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Gary 'Flatty' Foot
Rank Firefighter
Station Shadbrook
Spouse(s) Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Played by Mark Leadbetter
First appearance Series 13, Episode 1 (2001)
Last appearance Series 13, Episode 5 (2001)

Gary "Flatty" Foot was stationed at Shadbrook and was seen in Series 13. He stole some jewellery from a woman while at a shout, for which he let George take the blame. George was almost sacked because of it. He also stole Blue Watch's Dreamcast but John Coleman took it back, though he decided not to let them know right away. He was stationed at Blackwall while Pearce was on paternity leave.

Blue Watch arrived at the scene of a crash involved the TL and found Flatty and another firefighter called Liam injured in the cab. Flatty was hysterical but George tried to calm him down. He then admitted to George that he stole the jewellery from the woman, and George was cleared.