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Episode 9 (series 7)
S7 Ep9.png
Series 7
Episode 9
Airdate October 30, 1994
Audience Unknown
Writer Jane Hollowood
Director Geoff Harris
Producer Paul Knight
Previous episode Episode 8 (series 7)
Next episode Episode 10 (series 7)

Episode 9 (series 7) is the ninth episode of the seventh series of London's Burning. It was first broadcast on October 30, 1994.

Episode Summary[]

Bayleaf and Clare start working on the restaurant. Nick seeks help with Dimitri, but he also tells him to leave Ariadne alone. After the shift, Billy takes some of the old uniforms that he found while clearing the station loft. Pearce spots him and is immediately suspicious. Kevin invites everybody to a party on his new houseboat. Sally declines, ostensibly because she has swimming training, but in truth she is still angry with him for hitting Eddie.

George goes to work in the theatre, where he saves the Russian ballerina Larissa from a minor blaze. The rest go to Kevin's party, but he is not chuffed when, uninvited, the Pearces turn up as well. When the party is over, Kevin cleans the boat and is attacked by two of Eddie's thugs who beat him up and toss him into the canal. At the station Kevin accuses Sally, but she says she has nothing to do with it.

Dimitri thwarts Nick's attempts to get in touch with Ariadne. Conmen dressed in the uniforms Billy inadvertently lent them are selling overpriced smoke detectors to pensioners. A group of boys are playing in an old water tower and one falls down into a very deep well. Blue Watch are called out but find the well is too small for a man wearing a BA set to fit and there is no other access. Kevin suggests connecting five or six BA units, leaving the air cylinder at the top, in contravention of BA procedure. Nick reluctantly agrees as there is no alternative, but as he cannot order anyone else to break the rules, he decides he must go down the well himself. Nick is rigged up in rope and winched down into the well, hanging upside down to rescue the boy. After this heroic effort, DO Scase arrives and Nick is expecting a reprimand, but instead Scase congratulates him for a good job.