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Episode 9 (series 5)
S5 Ep9.png
Series 5
Episode 9
Airdate November 22, 1992
Audience Unknown
Writer David Humphries
Director Keith Washington
Producer Paul Knight
Previous episode Episode 8 (series 5)
Next episode Episode 10 (series 5)

Episode 9 (series 5) is the ninth episode of the fifth series of London's Burning. It was first broadcast on November 22, 1992.

Episode Summary[]

Recall and Laura are relieved that Jamie is finally well enough to come home from hospital. Blue Watch are called out to rescue a burglar who has tried to rob a wine store by climbing along the ceiling, but slipped and was left dangling all night. Hallam, Recall and Bayleaf play another prank on Colin, persuading him that he needs permission from the Brigade to marry. However, it backfires when an over-zealous Colin hands it to the Brigade mailman, to be delivered to ACO Bulstrode. Hallam and Bayleaf bicker about the prank, until Nick almost catches them out.

The private eye tells Bayleaf and Clare that he has located Melanie in Spain. Sicknote comes home to find Cynthia with Jean, and quietly tells Cynthia to leave them alone. Kate tells Don that she has decided to have an abortion as she wants to continue her career. Bulstrode arrives at Blackwall and mentions the strange memo he received regarding Colin's impending marriage. To everyone's surprise (and relief) he plays along with the joke. Nick, however, does not see the funny side.

Colin later hears from another firefighter that he has been had over the marriage licence, and vows that they won't fool him again. Kevin goes on his survival training course and is pleased when Marion visits him. However, she tells him that the relationship is over, explaining that after losing Vaseline on duty she can't cope with the stress of having another firefighter boyfriend. A huge gas filled pig explodes in a nightclub, causing a big fire and panic among the young clubbers. In the commotion, Kate is knocked over and trampled by the panicked crowd. Back at Blackwall she realises that she has miscarried.


  • Bulstrode - Gareth Thomas
  • Don - Vincent Regan
  • Jamie - Ricardo Lincoln
  • Ben - Gordon Calliste
  • Ferris - John Cording
  • Police sergeant - David Simeon
  • Ward sister - Maureen Purkis
  • Off licence manager - Andrew Johns
  • Detective - James Bannon
  • Van driver - Dennis Banks
  • Roy - Robert Phillips
  • Hotel receptionist - Maureen Flynn
  • Waiter - Michael Parkhouse
  • Cylinder van crew - Robert Oates
  • Cylinder van crew - Freddie Stewart


Marion Cartwright (III) made her last appearances of London's Burning