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Episode 8 (series 8)
S8 Ep8.png
Series 8
Episode 8
Airdate October 29, 1995
Audience Unknown
Writer David Humphries
Director Gerry Mill
Producer Paul Knight
Previous episode Episode 7 (series 8)
Next episode Episode 9 (series 8)

Episode 8 (series 8) is the eighth episode of the eighth season of London's Burning. It was first broadcast on October 29, 1995.

Episode Summary[]

Nick is hiding away in his flat refusing to answer the door to anyone and on sick leave from the Brigade after Ariadne's death. Sandra is off to Brussels for two weeks. Micky turns over Kevin's boat desperately looking for money. At a school a boy gets so nervous about taking an exam that he sets off the fire alarm. Blue Watch are called out and while they are away, Micky appears at the station, where he encounters Maggie. He snatches her handbag and though she puts up a fight, he overpowers her and flees. At the school they realise there is no fire, so the pump crew return to Blackwall while a furious Hallam stays and severely lectures the children about the dangers of hoax calls.

The crew return to find the police there and learn about Maggie being assaulted. The new DO, Quinn, turns up to investigate. As they try to comfort her, Maggie gets even more upset when she realises that her wedding ring was stolen as well. Quinn goes round to Nick's house but initially he can't get an answer either. Nick eventually opens the door and lets him in. Quinn finally gets Nick to talk about Ariadne. On their estate, George and Kelly come out to find their car has been vandalised again, so George finally agrees to let Lil pay for the deposit on a new house. Kevin finds Maggie's wedding ring in his jacket, which Micky had been wearing. Micky wanders in and Kevin confronts him about it, then beats him up and throws him out.

Jenny Matthew, the degree student who wanted to talk to John about his work related stress, turns up at his house and interviews him about the warehouse incident in which he was buried alive. Sicknote buys the tandem he was interested in but Jean is not amused and tells him to take the tandem back. Ariadne's funeral takes place. The watch are called to a fire at a timber yard. While tackling the blaze Geoff is powerless to help as Billy falls through some loose floorboards and plunges into a tank of caustic soda.



DO Eddie Quinn his First appearance this episode

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