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Episode 8 (series 3)
S3 Ep8.png
Series 3
Episode 8
Airdate 18 November 1990
Audience Unknown
Writer David Humphries
Director Keith Washington
Producer Paul Knight
Previous episode Episode 7 (series 3)
Next episode Episode 1 (series 4)

Episode 8 (series 3) is the final episode of London's Burning's third series.

Episode Summary[]

Blue Watch are issued with new helmets with visors . George is suffering from last minute nerves before he and Kelly appear on a TV talent show. He only agreed because apart from the SAS club, no one has satellite TV. Bayleaf serves dumplings for dinner, which delights everyone except Sicknote, who complains about how unhealthy they are until a clearly on edge Tate snaps at him to be quiet.

The Watch are called out to a shout at an old man's flat. The victim is the same old man who had previously asked Tate to help him get new accommodation. Hallam consoles Tate that the Brigade are not the social services and there is nothing they could have done. Kevin visits his dad in a police cell, furious that he stole money from Marion and disowns him. Malcolm receives his bravery commendation medal for rescuing the young man who was buried in the trench.

Tate goes for a routine Brigade medical and is not surprised when he fails it. He is told that he is to be taken off active duty with immediate effect. The Watch, led by Bayleaf and Hallam, urge him to appeal against the decision but Tate knows his career in the Fire Brigade is over. George has a night of passion with Kelly, while their dancing performance is broadcast on TV.

The watch are called out to a flooded funeral parlour, where they have to shift some floating coffins. George, Tony and Kevin decide to play a prank: Kevin leaps out of one of the coffins at an unsuspecting Colin, who falls backwards in shock. Blue Watch hold Tate's farewell party at the SAS, where ACO Bulstrode delivers a speech and Josie returns. Bayleaf puts on a video for entertainment, and George can only watch in horror as it is a video of him and Kelly doing the tango.



For the first time Blue Watch wear the new London Fire Brigade helmets with plexiglas shields, replacing the old cork helmets.

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