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Episode 8 (series 14)
S14 Ep8.png
Series 14
Episode 8
Airdate August 25, 2002
Audience 5.79 million
Writer Ed McCardie
Director Tina Mitchell
Producer David Newcombe
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Episode 8 (series 14) was the final episode of London's Burning. It was broadcast on ITV in the UK on August 25, 2002. Blue Watch have to prepare when a Russian satellite is set to hit London.


  • DI Roebuck - Ian Dunn
  • SO Adams - Karl Jenkinson
  • Liam - Charlie Hicks
  • Dom Mead - David Kennedy
  • Jimmy Watts - Ivan Kaye
  • Dr Waskett - Hilary Tones
  • Johnny - Andy Williams
  • Guy - Jack Pierce
  • Fran - Lorraine Stanley
  • Target - Derek Lea
  • Graham - David Sterne
  • Colette - Catherine Shepherd
  • Dr Baker - James Lailey


This is the Final Episode of London's Burning


George Green, Sally 'Gracie' Fields, Geoff 'Poison' Pearce, Adam Benjamin, Craig Ross, Mick Callaghan Frank Mooney, Lisa Hill, Charlie Mead, D.O. Dexter Ross, Shauna Callaghan, Andie Green, Fiona Pearce and Elaine Reeve Final appearance of London's Burning