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Episode 8 (series 10)
S10 Ep8.png
Series 10
Episode 8
Airdate November 16, 1997
Audience Unknown
Writer Neil McKay
Director Douglas MacKinnon
Producer Paul Knight
Previous episode Episode 7 (series 10)
Next episode Episode 9 (series 10)

Episode 8 (series 10) is the eighth episode of the tenth season of London's Burning. It was first broadcast on November 16, 1997.

Episode Summary[]

Sicknote is still being ribbed about the hand grenade incident. The watch have hidden vegetables around the station for him to find. It is the day of Blackwall's health and safety inspection. Nick fears the inspection is the prelude to Blackwall being closed. The watch are called out to deal with a person burning rubbish on an estate. Carole confides to ADO Davis that she and Martin have split up for good.

Sicknote receives a letter from the council informing him that his allotment has been confiscated following the incident with the hand grenade. He vows to fight the decision. To make matters worse, Jean has confiscated his metal detector. Jack meets with Hillary again. Martin's mother and sister turn up at Carole's house to collect his belongings. They tell her that he is now in Canada.

Pitbull has still not fully recovered from the talent night and is claiming his beer was spiked by a member of Blue Watch, which almost leads to a fight at the Ship Aground. Recall returns home to find Clingfilm is hosting a meeting of his Divorced and Separated club, and is angry that Clingfilm did not even ask him for permission. He is reaching the end of his tether with his house guest. Clingfilm gives Geoff tickets to a folk music concert. George is once again at odds with Kelly over his suspicions about her having an affair. Billy's sister Jo appears at the station claiming she has had her purse stolen, so Billy lends her some money.

The crew are called back to the same estate they visited earlier, where two youths have set alight some fireworks, which then start exploding. Off duty, Geoff learns from Pitbull that the post of Sub Officer could be abolished, which interests him as it may mean Carole gets moved on. Geoff chats with Sandra and tries to invite her to the folk music concert, but when he sees her with a work colleague, he decides not to. Billy's mum tells Billy that Jo has gone missing.