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Episode 7 (series 9)
S9 Ep7.png
Series 9
Episode 7
Airdate October 13, 1996
Audience Unknown
Writer Neil McKay
Director Gerry Poulson
Producer Paul Knight
Previous episode Episode 6 (series 9)
Next episode Episode 8 (series 9)

Episode 7 (series 9) is the seventh episode of the ninth series of London's Burning. It was first broadcast on October 13, 1996.

Episode Summary[]

Evgenia falls and hurts her ankle. Nick telephones Blackwall. Sicknote, horrified at the thought of Pearce acting up as Station Officer, suggests Jean as a babysitter. Under strength, Pitbull joins the watch on overtime, hovering around disrupting roll call and taunting Jack for being a Jonah. Nick finally turns up and tells Pearce that a new Sub Officer has been appointed, though he doesn't know who it is.

Nick is glancing out of the window when he spots Pitbull and Jack talking. They both go into a storeroom. Moments later, Pitbull staggers out holding his face while Jack appears to have hurt his hand. Blue Watch are called to another shout at St Hugh's, but it's another hoax call. Recall notices a security camera and they go up to the security control room, where they spot the caller on the video footage. The security guard isn't sure who he is, but Billy spots him as a maintenance worker. Nick radios Sicknote and orders him and George to keep an eye on him as he tries to flee George grabs him.

Geoff receives a letter from Patti's solicitor, she wants him to sell the house. Jenny visits Sandra and tells her the affair with John was her fault and that he ended the relationship. Sandra hates herself because she doesn't know how John felt about her when he died. Jack meets Stephen outside his school. Stephen reveals that most of his classmates think that Ian is his dad. Stephen tells Jack he doesn't like it at the boarding school, but hasn't told his mum because he doesn't want to seem ungrateful. Beattie and Cyril have dinner at George and Kelly's and attempt to patch things up. Beattie finally agrees, but Cyril is on probation.

A woman waters the plants above her television. Water drips down and it catches fire. Her wheelchair bound husband notices the smoke and dials 999. Blackwall's Union rep elections are approaching and at present only Pitbull is standing. Nobody wants him as rep, however, so Pearce decides to stand. Billy talks Recall into standing as well. The bells then go down and they attend to the fire with the disabled man. The woman from control tries to keep him talking on the phone but eventually he is overcome by the smoke. Sicknote and Clingfilm are sent in in BA to find him. They remove him just as the floor gives way. The woman at control is still trying to talk to the man. Nick picks up the phone and tells the control woman that the man is safe.