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Episode 6 (series 8)
S8 Ep6.png
Series 8
Episode 6
Airdate October 8, 1995
Audience Unknown
Writer Simon Sharkey
Director Gerry Mill
Producer Paul Knight
Previous episode Episode 5 (series 8)
Next episode Episode 7 (series 8)

Episode 6 (series 8) is the sixth episode of the eighth season of London's Burning. It was first broadcast on October 8, 1995.

Episode Summary[]

Kevin's brother Micky steals a car from a car park in Birmingham and races off. Sicknote learns he could face criminal charges for the incident with the commuter. Pearce catches the watch talking about him and demands an explanation from them. When they ask him about Patti, Geoff snaps and launches an angry tirade at them. Billy, uncowed by Geoff's self righteous attitude, let slip that they think he has murdered Patti and Hallam and Bayleaf have to restrain Geoff from lunging at Billy. The bells go down, but Geoff storms off and they head for the shout without him. A group of irate motorists have taken their revenge on a wheel clamper and clamped him to some railings.

Nick learns about the row with Pearce and on their return to the station organises a search for Geoff, only to find Pearce waiting in his office. He gives Geoff an angry reprimand for going AWOL. When pressed for an explanation of his behaviour, Geoff reveals that he and Patti are separated and that she has asked for a divorce. Nick then orders the rest of the watch to line up and scolds them all for their childish gossiping. He also lets off Geoff for going AWOL and orders them all to keep quiet about it. Bayleaf hopes their restaurant will be open by Christmas. Hallam takes a phone call from the counsellor, a student who is studying post traumatic stress wants to interview him about it. Micky turns up at Kevin's houseboat looking for a place to stay for the night.

Ariadne is house hunting for her and Nick. She telephones Nick up at work wanting to know if she loves him and Nick's patience is starting to wear thin. Pitbull tries to wind up Pearce and Sicknote. During rehearsals for a school play two kids climb under the stage and light candles. A faulty light catches fire and they evacuate the school, but only when Blue Watch arrive does a teacher realise they are missing. BA crews are sent in and Billy finds them under the stage. Ariadne goes to visit Yanni to reason with him but they argue over Pedros and her child and she falls down the stairs. Yanni goes to Blackwall and informs Nick that Ariadne is in hospital, so he dashes off to be with her.


  • Micky - Demetri Jagger
  • Pitbull - Al Hunter Ashton
  • Jane - Jean Murphy
  • Clamper - Peter Quince
  • WPC Webb - Catherine Brady
  • Mr Martin - Ralph Tobert
  • Mrs Luke - Deborah Farrington
  • Miss Simms - Hilary Richards
  • Spiros - Stephen Constantine
  • Zip - Ryan Witney
  • First heavy - Anthony Denham