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Episode 6 (series 12)
S12 Ep6.png
Series 12
Episode 6
Airdate February 13, 2000
Audience 9.57 million
Writer Len Collin
Director Steve Finn
Producer David Newcombe
Previous episode Episode 5 (series 12)
Next episode Episode 7 (series 12)

Episode 6 (series 12) is the sixth episode of the twelfth season of London's Burning. It was first broadcast on February 13, 2000.

Episode Summary[]

It's the day of the judging for the best kept ktation. Pitbull goes to a DIY store for compost and taunts Recall, who is now working there. At Blackwall, the others discuss the best ways to show support for Recall. Pearce doesn't want to do anything, but Dan says they'll organise a petition.

Blue Watch are called out to an RTC which has been designated persons reported. As they arrive a police officer fills them in on what happened. They pull up and start to get hoses and cutting gear out. Hammond orders Sicknote to help round up some chickens that have escaped from one of the trucks. Rob rescues a truck driver who has suffered a heart attack during the crash but is still alive. The watch come across a car with a woman named Candy and her baby Greg stuck inside, Sally being the smallest goes inside and frees her. Both are rescued and rushed to hospital. Recall gets a job at a grocery store and messes up.

The judges arrive at Blackwall to decide the best kept station. Carmen from Shadbrook confronts Dan over the stolen plants. As DO Chapman announces the results, Pitbull reveals he has spoken to the judge and informed her that Shadbrook poisoned their plants. Ultimately Lewisham win the competition, as both Blackwall and Shadbrook are disqualified for attempting to bribe the judges. Dan asks Carmen if she'd like to go out with him.