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Episode 5 (series 8)
S8 Ep5.png
Series 8
Episode 5
Airdate October 1, 1995
Audience Unknown
Writer David Humphries
Director James Hazeldine
Producer Paul Knight
Previous episode Episode 4 (series 8)
Next episode Episode 6 (series 8)

Episode 5 (series 8) is the fifth episode of the eighth season of London's Burning. It was first broadcast on October 1, 1995.

Episode Summary[]

Pearce is still on edge about the whereabouts of Patti and snaps at Bayleaf after he makes a joke, which makes the watch ever more suspicious of him. He also snaps at Recall when he mentions seeing his garden. Jamie is back home from hospital. At a scrapyard a workman loses control of the bagger he is operating and it causes havoc, trapping several people under cars. Blue Watch are called out and they have to crawl through the scrap cars to issue first aid to the injured. They learn that there a child may be trapped somewhere too, but he then turns up unharmed.

George intervenes to help an Asian man on his estate who is being attacked by racist youths and chases them off. It makes him even more uneasy about where he and Kelly live. Nick is now sceptical about whether Ariadne's baby is really his. Laura tells Recall that Jamie wants to live in Scotland. Recall, however, wants to stay with the Brigade in London. Billy finds Lauren and wants to talk to her, but she brushes him off. A young woman, Remy, docks her houseboat next to Kevin's and they get friendly. While working on the restaurant Bayleaf meets the owner of the building, who informs him that their joint lease is null and void and that Trevor's is £3000 in arrears. They come to an arrangement whereby Bayleaf and Clare take over the lease while he defers the payment.

While buying a new wheel for his bicycle Sicknote sees a tandem for sale and gets an idea. Hallam visits the Brigade counsellor again to discuss the recent traumatic events and she assures him that Nick need have no worries. A group of rowdy women are having a hen party at a Chinese restaurant. A fire starts in the kitchen and Blue Watch are called out. Geoff is sent in to clear the building but the women mistake him for the stripper they have hired and try to remove his clothes. He is spared when the real stripper arrives.


  • Ben - Gordon Calliste
  • Jamie - Ricardo Lincoln
  • Mack - William Ely
  • Phil - Terry Bird
  • Ocky - Andy Dennehy
  • Patrolman - Andrew Vezey
  • Mr Jaidah - Gurdial Sira
  • Mrs Jaidah - Chand Sherma
  • Remy - Janie Dee
  • Barney - Leo Dolan
  • Raymond Carter - Leon Eagles
  • Ann - Ursula Mohan
  • Hen night woman - Helen Watson
  • Manager - Lobo Chan
  • Chef - Yan Po