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Episode 4 (series 8)
S8 Ep4.png
Series 8
Episode 4
Airdate September 24, 1995
Audience Unknown
Writer Simon Sharkey
Director Gerry Poulson
Producer Paul Knight
Previous episode Episode 3 (series 8)
Next episode Episode 5 (series 8)

Episode 4 (series 8) is the fourth episode of London's Burning's eighth season, first broadcast in the UK on ITV on September 24, 1995.

Episode Summary[]

George and Kelly are struggling to settle into their new flat, as it is on a rough council estate. Sandra's suspicions of Patti's disappearance grows and she visits the Pearce house. She cannot get an answer at the door and walks round the back, which she finds a patch of soil that has recently been dug over. Bayleaf, Hallam, Recall and Sicknote are now even more suspicious. Kevin tries to make up with Billy and reassures him that nothing happened between him and Lauren but Billy does not believe Kevin and they almost square up. Scase appears at Blackwall to investigate a complaint made against Sicknote by a Mr Pullen, the commuter he clashed with over him parking outside their house.

A protester climbs up an old industrial chimney which is set to be demolished. While unfurling a banner the old ladder gives way and he is left hanging. Billy and Kevin are sent up to free him. They throw him a rope and pull him to safety just as the ladder breaks away completely. Yanni visits Nick and Ariadne. Yanni asks her to return to Pedros and suggests that Pedros, and not Nick, is the unborn child's father. He urges her to take a blood test. Lauren has grown tired of Billy's lectures about her stripping and suspicions about her having affairs, and says she wants to take a break from him. Clare snaps at Melanie when she moodily says they won't see any of Clare's money. Clare is also babysitting Ben and Jamie while Recall and Laura go out for dinner.

Kevin has been recommended for a police bravery award after saving a policeman who was stuck in a swamp a few months back. However, Kevin isn't keen to be singled out. On the night shift, Blue Watch are called to a shout at a cemetery and they all get the creeps while investigating the spooky grounds. Geoff and Sicknote stumble upon a witches' coven performing a satanic riutal. The leader of the coven spots them and explains that they are performing a sacrifice and celebrating the Black Sabbath. Sicknote is terrified but Geoff curses them as blasphemers and heathens. By the time the police arrive, the group have fled. Clare realises that Jamie is having trouble breathing and calls an ambulance.