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Episode 4 (series 6)
S6 Ep4.png
Series 6
Episode 4
Airdate October 24, 1993
Audience Unknown
Writer Tony Hoare
Director Gerry Mill
Producer Paul Knight
Previous episode Episode 3 (series 6)
Next episode Episode 5 (series 6)

Episode 4 (series 6) is the fourth episode of London's Burning's sixth series, first broadcast in the UK on ITV on October 24, 1993. In the episode, Blue Watch deal with a fire in a derelict mental hospital.

Episode Summary[]

ACO Bulstrode summons Nick to his office to discuss Bayleaf crashing the pump. He wants assurances that Bayleaf was not at fault. Kevin tells George that his dad has cancer. A man comes to the station with his little boy who is choking. Nick rescues him with two back blows, and the boy coughs up a button he was choking on. Geoff's wife Patti arrives in London to settle down with him. Billy takes his newest girlfriend into his passion wagon. Bayleaf keeps suffering nightmares about the accident.

Dossers living in a derelict mental hospital get high on solvents and cause an explosion. Blue Watch are called to put the fire out and Hallam joins them with Jonah and the F.I.U. While Bayleaf tries to evacuate a couple from a high window, one slips and falls off the ladder. Nick runs through the flames to save a burning dosser and falls through the floor into the basement with him. Instead of taking charge, acting sub Pearce loses his head and runs to help Nick, losing the BA control board. When Hallam arrives at the scene, he shouts at Pearce for his cock up, reminding him that with the Station Officer injured he is meant to keep out of danger and control the incident. Hallam takes charge himself, sending the others to evacuate Nick.

Nick is not seriously injured. Diana visits him in hospital when Hallam and Sicknote arrive, seeing him with his new girlfriend. They tell him about Pearce's blunder and do nothing to cheer him up. In the supermarket Claire is attacked by the woman whose husband was knocked over by Bayleaf, bitterly asking how she could be with such a reckless man. Bayleaf will have to go to court to defend himself against the charge of reckless driving. Hallam is not too happy when he comes home and finds the Pearces in his living room with Sandra. Nor is Sandra. The whole watch comes to watch "Richard III". Jean catches Sicknote and Cynthia in the dressing-room and whacks him. He has to perform with a black eye, which draws sniggers from the audience. Nick gets a shock when he visits Diana at home for the first time and discovers her father is none other than ACO Bulstrode.



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