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Episode 3 (series 6)
S6 Ep3.png
Series 6
Episode 3
Airdate October 17, 1993
Audience Unknown
Writer David Humphries
Director Keith Washington
Producer Paul Knight
Previous episode Episode 2 (series 6)
Next episode Episode 4 (series 6)

Episode 3 (series 6) is the third episode of the sixth series of London's Burning. It was first broadcast on October 17, 1993.

Episode Summary[]

A woman leaves her elderly mother waiting in the car on the top floor of a multi-storey car park. The handbrake slips, and the car crashes through the wall and is left dangling precariously over the edge. Blue Watch come to secure the car and help the woman to crawl out through the back window. Hallam and Jonah are meanwhile investigating a fire elsewhere and Laura confides to Sandra about her worries for Jamie.

Nick's crew goes to investigate a call about smoke issuing from a building, but they only find a group of homeless people who have lit camp fires outside against the cold. Bayleaf asks Pearce to help him in court, because being in the front passenger seat he would have been best positioned to see the motorcyclist. Pearce flatly insists he saw nothing and can't help him. His manner enrages Bayleaf, who has to be stopped from lunging at him by Sicknote and Billy.

When Kevin leaves the station after duty, he finds his father waiting for him, having recently been released from prison. Jean accuses Sicknote bluntly of an affair with Cynthia. Nick takes Diana to his flat and she stays over night. A boy who can't handle the forklift in a refrigerated warehouse causes a crash, damages a gas pipe and gets trapped under the forklift. Blue Watch have to work in BA in 30 minute relays because of the cold temperatures and Nick breaks a few rules by allowing paramedics and a doctor to wear BA in there, ignoring Pearce's complaints. George wins his boxing match and the whole watch cheers him.


  • Jaffa - Alan Talbot
  • Alice - Barbara New
  • Angela - Lindy Alexander
  • Onlooker - Jamie Ripman
  • S.O. MacDonald - Steve Knowles
  • CID Officer - Keith Osborne
  • Mrs Clark - Linda Spurrier
  • Jamie - Ricardo Lincoln
  • 1st dosser - Mark Phoenix
  • 2nd dosser - Paul Collard
  • Lab technician - Lucy Slater
  • Terry - Raoul Bolognini
  • Frank - Luke Branagan
  • Lorry driver - Tony Caron
  • Manager - Alex Leppard
  • Paramedic - Paul Tyreman
  • Doctor - John Sterland
  • Boxer - Mark Newman