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Episode 3 (series 5)
S5 Ep3.png
Series 5
Episode 3
Airdate October 11, 1992
Audience Unknown
Writer Roger Marshall
Director John Reardon
Producer Paul Knight
Previous episode Episode 2 (series 5)
Next episode Episode 4 (series 5)

Episode 3 (series 5) is the third episode of London's Burning's fifth series.

Episode Summary[]

Blue Watch are grumbling because they are on duty on a Sunday, although they don't expect to be busy. Selena, a young girl with a serious kidney condition has gone missing at a disused flour mill and the Brigade are called to find her. Kate, the slimmest member of the watch, is sent through the ventilation system and finally locates the girl stuck behind debris in one of the ventilation shafts. A hole has to be cut into the outside wall to get in there and free her.

Elsewhere, a mentally disturbed young man named Richard has cracked up after too many rows with his parents and too many computer games, so he climbs a crane. Bayleaf is sent up to talk him down. Both shouts stretch into the night. Selena is freed from the ventilation shaft and flown to hospital in a ambulance helicopter. Bayleaf, still on the crane, appears finally to be getting through to Richard but in a tragic irony he is spooked by the lights on the passing ambulance helicopter and falls to his death, leaving Bayleaf devastated.


  • Dr Fletcher - Allan Surtees
  • Inspector Broderick - Derek Fuke
  • Shadbrook Station Officer - Steve Knowles
  • Leading Firefighter Simpson - Colin Wyatt
  • Communications officer - Barry Andrews
  • Doug Wright - Richard Vanstone
  • Police sergeant - David Summer
  • Robbins - Stephen Casey
  • Selena - Sukey Fekkes
  • Gardener - Roger Avon
  • Mark - Ramilles Corbin
  • Paramedic doctor - Kevin Fuller