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Episode 3 (series 10)
S10 Ep3.png
Series 10
Episode 3
Airdate October 5, 1997
Audience Unknown
Writer David Humphries
Director Gerry Poulson
Producer Paul Knight
Previous episode Episode 2 (series 10)
Next episode Episode 4 (series 10)

Episode 3 (series 10) is the third episode of the tenth season of London's Burning. It was first broadcast on October 5, 1997.

Episode Summary[]

Nick goes to the Netherlands on his exchange visit leaving Carole as acting Station Officer and Geoff as acting sub officer. Nick is on duty with Marianne when a call comes through and they race to the shout near a canal. Nick spots a man drowning and dives in to rescue him. His act of bravado impresses the other Dutch firefighters, though not Marianne. They recover the body of a second man who was also in the car.

During the night shift Billy, George, Recall, Jack and Gregg play a prank on Sicknote, making him think there is a ghost in the station. The bells go down and they are summoned to nearby Borough Street where they find Clingfilm's camper van has been set ablaze. As Clingfilm is now homeless, everyone looks at Recall.