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Episode 2 (series 9)
S9 Ep2.png
Series 9
Episode 2
Airdate September 8 1996
Audience Unknown
Writer David Humphries
Director Alan Wareing
Producer Paul Knight
Previous episode Episode 1 (series 9)
Next episode Episode 3 (series 9)

Episode 2 (series 9) is the second episode of London's Burning's ninth season, first broadcast in the UK on ITV on September 8, 1996.

Episode Summary[]

The pump crew get called to a shout, where there is no sign of a fire. A man approaches George speaking French and takes him to their car which is on fire. While George is trying to put it out, the owners argue in French and unclip the car from their caravan and the car rolls down the hill, narrowly missing the appliance. Back at the station, Pearce listens in as Nick talks to DO Chapman in his office. Chapman tells Nick that Jack transferred away from his previous station because he lost a colleague on a shout.

Alexis approaches Nick in the street and follows him to his flat. He pleads Nick to stand up for him, but Nick is unsympathetic and ushers him away. At a shopping centre Jenny spots Hallam having a coffee while he is waiting for Sandra. He is edgy and worries that Sandra will spot them together. Sandra approaches and Jenny introduces herself before quickly leaving. Sandra is suspicious.

George and Jaffa are at the gym, watching one of George's young charges. Jack takes Stephen to see HMS Belfast. Stephen tells him that his mum and Ian are sending him to boarding school. Sicknote goes to visit Paul, who is now in prison for attempting to embezzle the bank he worked for. Paul convinces him to reform PAPS and put on a production of Macbeth in prison for the inmates. Geoff returns home to find Patti's sister Betty and her husband Norman removing items from his house. Geoff flips and starts smashing up ornaments and throwing things at them and they hastily leave. Billy tells his nan that he's going out for the evening and the argue about it. He tells her he isn't a child any more and says he plans to move out.

While Hallam is driving to work with Pearce, the subject of Jenny crops up. Pearce asks whether Sandra has found out. Recall arrives at work to find Billy asleep in his car, he was out all night and didn't go home after the row with his nan. Maggie suggests that Billy should stay with Recall. A security van is rammed and turned over by a digger in an attempted raid. However, the would be robbers are unable to break into the van, so one torches it and they flee. Blue Watch arrive on the scene. They deal with the fire, although find the reinforced vehicle difficult to get into. George manages to move the van away from the wall with the digger, and the men are freed. On his way home Nick is met by Yanni, who tells him that his son Costas and Ariadne's parents are in trouble back in Cyprus.



D.O. Tom Chapman - First appearance