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Episode 2 (series 4)
S4 Ep2.png
Series 4
Episode 2
Airdate October 6, 1991
Audience Unknown
Writer David Humphries
Director John Reardon
Producer Paul Knight
Previous episode Episode 1 (series 4)
Next episode Episode 3 (series 4)

Episode 2 (series 4) is the second episode of London's Burning's fourth series. It was first broadcast in the UK on ITV on October 6, 1991.

Episode Summary[]

Colin's mum is fuming that his probation has been extended and turns up at the station to give a bemused John Hallam a piece of her mind. During a basement recording session a deep fat fryer catches fire. In the soundproof booths, no-one can hear the fire alarm until one of the technicians opens a door and is confronted by a blazing corridor. To make matters worse, the fire door has been locked to keep the group's fans out. The only way the band can get out is by smashing the soundproof window. They chuck objects such as their equipment in a way to shatter the glass but everyone collapses mid-way due to smoke inhalation. Blue Watch arrive but three people are brought out dead and two are in a bad way

Kevin and his mum visit his sister Venetia, where he finds out that her boyfriend Rick has been beating her. Hallam learns he has not been promoted and Sandra takes the news badly as she was planning to spend his increased salary on a new kitchen. To cheer him up, Bayleaf urges the lads to install a new kitchen for them. However, they knock a wall through only to find the window they bought is the wrong size, leaving Sandra with a gaping hole in her kitchen. Meanwhile, Kate and her flatmate Sue resolve to get rid of Martin, but return home to find he has dumped Mary and left.

A traveller family's horse gets stuck in a large muddy pool. George and Malcolm have to wade in and fix a harness to the horse so it can be hoisted out. In return, the woman reads George's palm for him. The watch debate whether to allow Kate, as a woman, to attend George's stag do; eventually they decide to make her an honorary man for the night. At the reception, Kelly's obnoxious brothers Les and Denzil annoy George once too often and start a fight with Cyril, so George decks them both. In the honeymoon suite Kelly has a surprise for George; she may not be pregnant after all. Sicknote wins the council election, much to the chagrin of Jean.