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Episode 2 (series 1)
S1 Ep2.png
Series 1
Episode 2
Airdate 27 February 1988
Audience Unknown
Writer Tony Hoare
Director Gerry Poulson
Producer Paul Knight
Previous episode Episode 1 (series 1)
Next episode Episode 3 (series 1)

Episode 2 (series 1) was the second episode of London's Burning's first series, first broadcast in the UK on ITV on 27 February 1988.

Episode Summary[]

Hallam is irate because his elderly father in law Albert has moved in with them. He gets even more annoyed when he finds that Albert has pulled up his prized viola wittrockiana flowers, calling them weeds. Blue Watch conduct a safety inspection at a factory run by a Mr Malik and find no fire precautions, a padlocked fire exit and an out-of-date fire extinguisher. Malcolm gets friendly with one of the workers, Samina, and impresses her by speaking Punjabi to her boss, explaining that, ironically, he was born in India.

Elsewhere, Marion tells Vaseline that she is pregnant, but he does not take the news well. Gerry returns home and finds Josie has changed the locks. The pump-ladder crew are called to rescue three people stuck in a lift in a block of flats. The two women in the lift are bickering, which escalates into a fight with a man caught in the middle. Once the younger woman, Sue, is released, Vaseline wastes no time in chatting her up. Back at Blackwall, Sicknote has the remainder of the watch helping him rehearse for South Pacific.

Karen's depression worsens and she cuts up all of Bayleaf's clothes. Josie meets with Gerry. At first he says he wants to give their marriage another chance, but after he makes another wisecrack about her job, Josie tells him to get a lawyer. Outside of the station, Karen approaches Josie and throws her wedding ring at her. Malcolm takes Samina out for dinner. Kevin hustles Charisma at snooker, angering George, Tony and Malcolm. George warns him not to scam one of their own again. Embarrassed, Kevin promises to let Charisma win his money back.

Sue comes to Blackwall to see Vaseline. He tries to sneak out to the car park with her, but is interrupted by the bells. It turns out to be a hoax call and he races the appliance back to the station to resume his liaison. They are once again interrupted by the bells, so Sue storms off. There is a fire at Malik's factory. The pump is delayed by a faulty gearbox. Malcolm rushes into the burning factory without BA to find and rescue Samina, only to find that she is already dead. The following night the watch attend Sicknote's performance of South Pacific, except for a heartbroken Malcolm who walks along the riverbank and stares up at Tower Bridge, mourning Samina's death.


  • Jean - Amanda Dickinson
  • Samina - Shaheen Khan
  • Mr. Malik - Badi Uzzaman
  • Sue - Lorraine Ashbourne
  • Worsley - Richard Ireson
  • Mrs. O'Gorman - Miranda Forbes
  • Jennifer - Leila Bertrand
  • Mrs. Cook - Jeanne Watts
  • Stage Director - Richard Syms
  • Mildred - Harriet Reynolds
  • Harold - Geoffrey Drew
  • Red Watch Sub - Martyn Whitby
  • Old Man in High Rise - Walter Sparrow
  • Pete - Linus Staples
  • Jack - Michael Arch
  • Mrs. Jones - Jeillo Edwards
  • Mr. Jones - Astley Harvey
  • Melanie - Laura Hill