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Episode 16 (series 10)
S10 Ep16.png
Series 10
Episode 16
Airdate February 8, 1998
Audience Unknown
Writer Neil McKay
Director Douglas MacKinnon
Producer Paul Knight
Previous episode Episode 15 (series 10)
Next episode Episode 17 (series 10)

Episode 16 (series 10) is the sixteenth episode of the tenth series of London's Burning. It was first broadcast on February 8, 1998.

Episode Summary[]

Recall tells Clingfilm that it is time he moved out. Pitbull is loudly gossiping about Jack and Recall's fight. While the pump crew are inspecting fire hydrants, Kelly's mum spots them and gives George a lecture about Kelly. Thinking quickly, Jack turns the sirens on to give them an excuse to leave. Due to complaints from local residents, Nick is told that Blackwall's pumps are to be fitted with new quieter sirens. Clingfilm begins his search for a new camper van.

George agrees to look after Cyril's sex shop while he and Beattie go out for the evening. Carole confides in her friend Katie that she was attacked and nearly raped by a fireman named Dalton years earlier when she was a probationer. He cowed her into not reporting it and she has discovered that he is still at Upham. Jack has Stephen around for dinner. George catches Pitbull browsing in the sex shop. Sicknote attends another protest meeting and ends up sleeping under the stars. He returns home claiming to have had a transcendent experience, but which is probably down to the brownies he ate.

Geoff notices someone in Sandra's house. He goes in to investigate and discovers Sandra has returned. She tells him that she was made redundant and is back for good. On duty, George tells everyone that Pitbull came into the shop looking for an "appliance". They are called out to a school which is closed for the summer holidays. Billy is disgusted when he finds an abandoned newborn baby in the toilets. Back at the station, he informs Nick that he wants a break from the Brigade. Marianne is struggling to cope with looking after Costas. Clingfilm finally moves out of Recall's house and drives off in his new camper van.




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