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Episode 14 (series 10)
S10 Ep14.png
Series 10
Episode 14
Airdate January 25, 1998
Audience Unknown
Writer Neil McKay
Director Ken Horn
Producer Paul Knight
Previous episode Episode 13 (series 10)
Next episode Episode 15 (series 10)

Episode 14 (series 10) is the fourteenth episode of the tenth season of London's Burning. It was first broadcast on January 25, 1998.

Episode Summary[]

The murder charges are formally dropped against Billy and Jo is charged with Clive's murder instead. Back at Blackwall Sicknote and Pearce are still bickering over the centenary event. Recall informs them that neither will be helping him if they do not stop arguing. Billy returns to the station and Sicknote attends a protest meeting.

Nick is relieved once Costas and Evgenia move out. Recall has had enough of Clingfilm living with him. Jack goads Recall about Nicky and they nearly come to blows over it. George and Gregg stop them before Nick notices. Nick meets with an irate resident who is complaining about the noise of the sirens on the fire engines. Kelly comes to see George at Blackwall, but he refuses to see her.

ADO Davis confronts Carole, and pleads with her not to show the document she made him sign to anyone. She replies that she will not, provided he keeps to his side of the bargain and stays away from her. The Watch attend a shout where a van has reversed into a phone box, trapping a man inside it. They endeavour to rescue him, but he dies shortly after they pull him out. Gregg is visibly upset.




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