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Episode 13 (series 10)
S10 Ep13.png
Series 10
Episode 13
Airdate January 18, 1998
Audience Unknown
Writer Simon Sharkey
Director John Reardon
Producer Paul Knight
Previous episode Episode 12 (series 10)
Next episode Episode 14 (series 10)

Episode 13 (series 10) is the thirteenth episode of the tenth season of London's Burning. It was first broadcast on January 18, 1998.

Episode Summary[]

Billy has been charged with Clive's murder. A bungee jumper is left suspended in mid air after the crane breaks down. Blue Watch are summoned and meet up with Borough Street's Hydraulic Platform which is crewed by Clingfilm. Nick orders Geoff to go up the HP with Clingfilm. They bring the man down and he pukes in front of a group of tourists.

Billy's mum and DO Chapman are at court where Billy is awaiting trial for Clive's murder. Sicknote is with some protestors who are trying to save a forest from a new road. Carole has found out that Patrick Davis is still married, so she pays him a visit at his house. He is stunned when Carole shows up and she makes him sign a letter confirming that he is lousy in bed and promising never to contact her again. Holly and Squirrel arrive at Sicknote's house and ask if they can take a bath. Costas and Evgenia talk to Nick about Marianne, they are considering returning to Cyprus. Jean comes home to discover Holly and Squirrel in their bathroom and assumes Bert is with another woman. Carole and her friend are still enjoying her revenge on Davis.

A fire starts in a science class and a teacher falls through a window into a truck below. Gregg and Jack put out the truck fire as Shadbrook crew arrives. Geoff and George get rigged up and go inside to look for the teacher, unaware that he has jumped into the truck. Jack finds the teacher's body in the back of the truck. As the pump is returning to the station, Recall spots Jo walking down the sidewalk. He stops the pump and chases after her. He tells her that Billy has been charged with Clive's murder. That night, Jo confesses to the police that it was her who accidentally murdered Clive and not Billy, clearing Billy of murder.