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Episode 12 (series 13)
S13 Ep12.png
Series 13
Episode 12
Airdate April 22, 2001
Audience 8.52 million
Writer Joe Turner
Director Richard Holthouse
Producer David Newcombe
Previous episode Episode 11 (series 13)
Next episode Episode 13 (series 13)

Episode 12 (series 13) is the twelfth episode of the thirteenth season of London's Burning. It was first broadcast on April 22, 2001.

Episode Summary[]

Adam keeps receiving anonymous phone calls. George goes down to the gym to talk to Andie. He asks her to marry him but she turns him down, not taking him seriously. Pearce is worried about Bruno. Later, Fiona realises that Bruno is not breathing. Adam discovers that the Oliver Twist has been trashed, although Elaine is unharmed.

Pitbull arrives and accuses Pearce of killing his Tyson. Sally talks to Hyper about seeing the questions, and tells him she almost looked at the questions. Hyper confides to Sally that he has a crush on Adam. Just as Sally is about to take her test, the bells go off and both appliances are called out to a fire at a flat, where they struggle to get in because of the barred windows. The Woman Rachel, puts a wet towel behind the door but soon begins to panic and attempts to escape from the flat, She pulls the wet towel from the door and opens it, She is thrown back by a blast and is knocked unconscious. Hi Ho panics and tries to rush into the building. Eventually they pull her out, but she is not breathing.

Chris Hammond arrives with the Fire Investigation Unit, and there is still tension between him and George. Chris walks uneasily past George, with Recall watching closely. Adam is standing up on the roof when Recall goes to find him. He suggests that if Frank tells the cops about the Holts setting him up to do the arson, it all might stop. Sally and Hi Ho both pass their tests. Hyper tells him there is every chance that the two from the shout will pull through. After work, Pearce and Pitbull make their peace. Pearce also apologises to George and Recall apologises to Elaine.

Adam realises that Hyper fancies him. George and Andie have their meal, and George tells her that he doesn't want to lose her. Kelly wants to make a fresh start with Chris, but he tells her the relationship is over. Pearce and Fiona bury Bruno in the garden. Adam goes to visit Frank, who calls security and has Adam escorted away. Hi-Ho goes to the hospital to see Rachel, and is distraught when he learns from a nurse that she died of her injuries.