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Episode 10 (series 7)
S7 Ep10.png
Series 7
Episode 10
Airdate November 6, 1994
Audience Unknown
Writer Roger Marshall
Director John Reardon
Producer Paul Knight
Previous episode Episode 9 (series 7)
Next episode Episode 11 (series 7)

Episode 10 (series 7) is the tenth episode of the seventh series of London's Burning. It was first broadcast on November 6, 1994.

Episode Summary[]

Road workers discover an unexploded wartime bomb near the fire station while Nick's crew are dealing dealing with a small fire in a waste bin. Sally, on standby in the pump, receives a call about the bomb. Blue Watch have to evacuate the local area and are now allowed back into the station. A special bomb disposal team arrives to defuse the bomb and takes residence at Blackwall. Meanwhile, a careless car driver knocks over a school girl, prompting furious mothers to stage a protest on the street against dangerous drivers.

Blue Watch have to watch on while the bomb disposal team set about defusing the device. One crew goes to have lunch at another fire station where the food is miserable and the firemen obnoxious. The other crew is just about to have lunch at a fast food joint, when they are called to a block of flats where a man is trapped in a lift. Hallam's crew head up in the other lift and they get stuck as well. They are unable to reach Recall in the appliance because he has snuck off to get some food. The other crew has to come and rescue them from the lift.

A young woman has a row with her ex-lover, after which she gets drunk and starts burning letters. She falls asleep and the fire quickly spreads in her flat. While Blackwall are on standby at another station, they are summoned to the fire. Hallam's crew can't proceed, because they are stuck in the street where the mothers are protesting against car drivers, so Nick's crew has to tackle the blaze on their own. He risks his life and Pearce rescues him. However, the woman is dead. An increasingly irate Hallam gets into a furious argument with the leader of the protest, to no avail. He then accuses her of effectively killing the young woman who died at the last fire and has to be pulled away by Bayleaf.

At last the bomb has been defused and they can all return to Blackwall. While Pearce and Sicknote muse about the bomb and the damage it could have done, Billy scares them by throwing an empty metal dustbin onto the ground. When they enter the station, they realise that the bomb disposal men have drunk all their tea and eaten all their food, but before they can get too angry the bells goes down again.


  • Pat - Melissa Wilks
  • Eastman - John Blakey
  • Mrs Clipston - Sally Nesbitt
  • Helen - Carol Holt
  • Sue - Meg Dixon
  • Captain Turner - Max Digby
  • Dotty - Joy Graham
  • Micky Wright - Cliff Parisi
  • Clive - Alan Hunter
  • Joan - Lynda Steadman
  • Major Russell - James Smith
  • Mary - Pamela Duncan
  • Elderly man - Len Howe