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Episode 10 (series 6)
S6 Ep10.png
Series 6
Episode 10
Airdate December 5, 1993
Audience Unknown
Writer David Humphries
Director James Hazeldine
Producer Paul Knight
Previous episode Episode 9 (series 6)
Next episode Episode 1 (series 7)

Episode 10 (series 6) is the final episode of London's Burning's sixth series, first broadcast in the UK on ITV on December 5, 1993. In the episode Colin Parrish is injured on a shout and forced to leave Blue Watch.

Episode Summary[]

Patti is still fuming that nobody came to their housewarming party. Geoff gets annoyed when one by one the watch members offer their lame apologies for not attending. Kevin goes to his father's funeral. Blue Watch are called to help a worker who has been crushed under a heavy block. Billy recognises him as a former schoolmate and tries to comfort him, but the man dies. Billy gets visibly upset and loses his cool when Nick appears to take it in his stride.

Patti spots Sandra in a self service restaurant, in spite of Sandra's efforts to avoid her. Sandra tells her that John may take a job in an office and Patti takes an instant interest as it could mean promotion for Geoff. Kevin gives his greyhound back to the friend he won it from and pays Recall, Bayleaf, George, Billy and Colin their dividends, which they flaunt in front of Sicknote. Diana appears at the station, but Nick tells her that the relationship is over. Sally takes Recall and Laura's son Ben to the swimming pool.

Hallam visits Jonah to discuss him taking a desk job in a security firm, but he is not at ease. Colin visits the airport fire brigade at Stansted and cannot stop talking about it when he returns to Blackwall. Blue Watch attend to an innocuous fire at the derelict mental institution. Colin and Sally inspect the premises and find an old theatre room where squatters have taken up residence. Colin starts larking around on the stage, to the amusement of Sally and an old lady, when part of the stage collapses on him. At the hospital Nick tells Zoe that Colin has suffered crush injuries to his legs and will never be on active duty again. She keeps a brave face when she goes in to see him.



Colin Parrish and Zoe Parrish - Last Appearance this episode