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Episode 10 (series 13)
S13 Ep10.png
Series 13
Episode 10
Airdate March 25, 2001
Audience 10.31 million
Writer Jeff Dodds
Director Tim Leandro
Producer David Newcombe
Previous episode Episode 9 (series 13)
Next episode Episode 11 (series 13)

Episode 10 (series 13) is the tenth episode of the thirteenth season of London's Burning. It was first broadcast on March 25, 2001.

Episode Summary[]

Blue Watch are still at the tunnel fire from the last episode. One of the paratroopers - Frost is trapped after a generator falls on him. Coleman informs Pearce that there may be another person trapped inside a van. Pearce finds him, but they have to cut their way through the van. The Fire Rescue Unit is stuck in traffic, meaning they cannot move the generator trapping Frost. Sally gets into the van and finds Dermot impaled on a spike. Frost goes into cardiac arrest but is revived by the doctor. Melissa and Recall are struggling to contain the fire when a flame jet erupts from the tanker.

The crew manage to lift the generator manually and move Frost to safety. The tanker driver admits to Coleman that he was carrying illegal diesel. Pearce sends them in BA and they manage to beat the flames back enough for Recall to switch the tanker's valve off. Back at Blackwall, Adam is running a book on Eve's godparents Coleman and Griggs are the favourites. Melissa learns that her new posting will be at nearby Shadbrook. Pitbull and Hi Ho decide to have a cook off. Pearce asks Coleman to be Eve's godfather. Melissa is crestfallen when everyone cries off from having a farewell drink with her. Pitbull spoils things when he tells her they are planning a surprise party at the Oliver Twist.

Ben helps Hi-Ho at the gym. While Hi-Ho is distracted Ben lets the kids have real fights in the ring. Back at the Twist, they play Jenga and Twister. Recall finally asks Elaine out on a date. On the next shift, most of the watch are still hungover as Pearce puts them on a training exercise. Hi-Ho and Sally see Coleman about some additional training. Pearce reveals Eve's godparents will be Coleman, Maggie and Zoe, which leaves Adam out of pocket.

The day of the cook off arrives. Hi-Ho prepares a curry called the "Blue Watch Balti" while Pitbull has prepared "Viande Chevaline". Coleman lets them start eating before revealing that Pitbull's dish is horse meat. The watch are called to a warehouse, where Adam and Hyper go inside. They find a man, who Adam recognises as his cousin Frank. Hyper and Sally find paraffin and other accelerants and Pearce warns that Adam will have to speak to the police. Recall warns him not to put his job on the line and Adam pleads for a few days to sort out his family issues.


  • Lucy - Mikayla Jones
  • Jill - Ivy Omere
  • Cpl Dean - Justin Brett
  • L/Cpl Frost - Idris Elba
  • Paramedic - David Streames
  • Dermot - Blake Ritson
  • Ron - Derek Hutchinson
  • David - David Webber
  • Policeman - Daniel Hyde
  • Frank - Damien Nash
  • Josh - Aaron Foster
  • Kylie - Yasmin Hickson
  • Josh's Mum - Alison Bettles

Episode Notes[]

Excluding the movie, this and the previous episode are the only two episodes of London's Burning that George Green (Glen Murphy) does not appear in.