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Episode 10 (series 12)
S12 Ep10.png
Series 12
Episode 10
Airdate April 30, 2000
Audience 8.11 million
Writer Stephen Leather
Director Philippa Langdale
Producer David Newcombe
Previous episode Episode 9 (series 12)
Next episode Episode 11 (series 12)

Episode 10 (series 12) is the tenth episode of the twelfth season of London's Burning. It was first broadcast on April 30, 2000.

Episode Summary[]

Blue Watch are still at the shout from the last episode. They get some jets and put the fire out as Shadbrook's crew arrives. Blue Watch rescue the woman trapped in her car while Coleman sends in a four man BA team. He orders Miller to set the turntable ladder up to tackle the fire from above. Coleman then sends Joe and Dan to check inside. They stumble upon two drug dealers, Jason and David, and Jason pulls a gun on them. As Dan is not answering his EVAC, Coleman orders Sicknote to go in and check the situation, and he surprises Jason, who opens fire but misses.

SO19 arrives, while Dan and Joe try their best to deal with the situation. The hostage negotiator arrives. Back at the station, Hi Ho pesters Rob into a Blackwall verses Shadbrook volleyball match. While he, Hyper, Carman and Recall are playing they accidentally knock the wing mirror off Coleman's car. Meanwhile the hostage negotiator phones Joe and Joe convinces Jason to send up a medical kit for David. They realise part of the building is still on fire. The water is turned on and Joe puts it out.

Rob and Recall are frantically trying to fix Coleman's car. Jason is getting more agitated and demands a fast car within five minutes or he will kill Dan. Thinking quickly, Joe aims the water jet at Jason, knocking him backwards, and they overpower him. David grabs the gun and threatens to shoot Joe. However, Joe manages to talk him into giving up. Dan and Jason struggle for the gun and it fires. Upon hearing the shot, SO19 moves in and brings them all out. Coleman comes and takes Joe and Dan away.