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Eddie Quinn
Rank Divisional Officer
Station Echo Division
Spouse(s) Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Played by Mark Moraghan
First appearance Series 8, Episode 8 (1995)
Last appearance Series 8, Episode 14 (1995)

Eddie Quinn was a DO (Divisional Officer) during series 8.


Liverpudlian Eddie Quinn was the more personable successor to DO Scase. Quinn had to deal with a number of incidents in his time at Blackwall, including the assault on Maggie at the station. He was an old friend of Nick Georgiadis and helped him through his breakdown in the wake of Ariadne's death. He was also responsible for closing down an apartment block with extremely inadequate safety precautions.

By series 9 he had been succeeded by Tom Chapman. He continued to remain in touch with Nick and was last mentioned in series 10, when he was up for a position in the Home Office.