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Dalton London's Burning.jpg
Rank Station Officer

Temporary Sub Officer (Leading Fireman)

Station Upham
Spouse(s) Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Played by Steve Edwin
First appearance Series 8, Episode 13 (1995)
Last appearance Series 10, Episode 17 (1998)

Dalton was a firefighter at Upham Fire Station who appeared during series 10 but earlier in series 8 played as Station Officer Kemble. If Dalton was Station Officer he must have got demoted to Leading Fireman (Temporary Sub Officer). Carole Webb worked with him when she was a probationer at Upham; she confided to Jack Morgan that one night Dalton drunkenly tried to rape her. Eight years later Carole and the pump crew were ordered to stand by at Upham, where she once again met Dalton. With the restructuring of the Brigade ranks, Carole learned that she was to be transferred to Upham. She enjoyed telling Dalton him that she would be his new boss.