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Clare Wilson
Occupation -
Spouse(s) Mike 'Bayleaf' Wilson
Relatives Peter (son)

Steven (son)

Played by Valerie Holliman
First appearance Series 2, Episode 1 (1989)
Last appearance Series 9, Episode 6 (1996)

Clare Wilson (previously Groves) was the girlfriend (and later wife) of fireman Mike 'Bayleaf' Wilson.


Clare met Bayleaf when Sandra Hallam set up a blind date for them without their knowledge. She was a fireman's widow; her husband, David Groves, had been killed in a car crash five years earlier. She had two sons, Peter and Steven. She and Bayleaf struck up a friendship, agreed to meet again, and the relationship blossomed from there. In series 6 they revealed that they had surreptitiously got married.

In series 7 Clare was left £30,000 by a relative of her ex-husband. Against her better judgement, she let her first husband's cousin, Trevor, talk her and Bayleaf into investing the money in his Littlehampton restaurant in a joint venture. Trevor then fled, leaving them liable for the company's heavy debts. Eventually they decided to try to turn around the restaurant's fortunes and moved to Littlehampton permanently.


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Clare appeared in 56 episodes of London's Burning between 1989 and 1996.