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Blue Watch in Series 4 and Series 5

Blue Watch is one of four operational watches (or shifts) used at fire stations throughout the UK (the other watches are red, white and green). Members of Blue Watch at Blackwall are the primary focus of London's Burning.

Over the show's run, 36 permanent members of Blue Watch were seen; George Green was the longest lasting character, appearing in all episodes, except for two in Series 13 and the original television movie. The shortest lived in the series were Chris 'Skippy' Newman and Craig Ross who both lasted only six episodes. Andreas 'Ethnic' Lewis and Kenny 'Rambo' Baines only appeared in the pilot. Bert 'Sicknote' Quigley was the last survivor from the pilot movie. Firefighters from other watches or stations, such as Jaffa Parrish or Clingfilm, occasionally stood in at Blue Watch for absent regulars. 'Liver Salts' was a former member of Blue Watch and visited the station a few years later. Fireman Anderson joined Blue Watch at the end of the movie but was not seen again.

Seven members of Blue Watch died on duty (Lewis, Cartwright, Hallam, Georgiadis, Walker, Quigley, Mackenzie), four retired due to injury or ill health (Tate, Parrish, Newman, Blake), six left the fire brigade (Sanderson, Cross, Wilson, Ray, Morgan, Barratt), and six transferred to other stations or divisions (Appleby, Ingham, Stevens, Reid, Medhurst, Hammond). Five left for unknown reasons (Baines, Webb, Sharpe, Coleman, Silver). Four firefighters made appearances in London’s Burning after they had officially left Blue Watch (Ingham, Appleby, Wilson and Medhurst).

When Kevin Medhurst won a pedigree greyhound in a poker game, he named it Blue Watch.

Composition of Blue Watch, 1986-2002[]

Movie Series 1 Series 2 Series 3 Series 4
SO Tate Tate Tate Tate Georgiadis
Sub Hallam Hallam Hallam Hallam Hallam
LF Cross Cross Cross Cross Cross
FF Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson
FF Quigley Quigley Quigley Quigley Quigley
FF Lewis Appleby Appleby Ingham Green
FF Baines Cartwright Cartwright Green Medhurst
FF Appleby Ingham Ingham Sanderson Parrish
FF Cartwright Green Green Medhurst Stevens
FF Ingham Sanderson Sanderson Parrish MacKenzie
FF Medhurst Medhurst Stevens Ingham (temporary)
Series 5 Series 6 Series 7 Series 8 Series 9
SO Georgiadis Georgiadis Georgiadis Georgiadis Georgiadis
Sub Hallam Hallam Hallam Hallam Hallam/
LF Cross, Mackenzie (tempoary) Pearce Pearce Pearce Pearce
FF Wilson Wilson Wilson Wilson Quigley
FF Quigley Quigley Quigley Quigley Green
FF Green Green Green Green MacKenzie
FF Medhurst Medhurst Medhurst Medhurst Ray
FF Parrish Parrish MacKenzie MacKenzie Morgan
FF Stevens MacKenzie Ray Ray Newman
FF MacKenzie Ray Reid
Reid Appleby
Series 10 Series 11 Series 12 Series 13 Series 14
SO Georgiadis Hammond Hammond/
N/A Callaghan
Sub Webb Pearce Pearce Pearce Pearce
LF Pearce Barratt Barratt Sharpe Benjamin
FF Quigley Quigley Quigley Green Green
FF Green Green Green MacKenzie MacKenzie
FF MacKenzie MacKenzie MacKenzie Fields Fields
FF Ray Morgan Walker Benjamin Mooney
FF Morgan Walker Fields Silver Mead
FF Blake Fields Sharpe Ross
SC Georgiadis Coleman

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